Pulse Counter Device Compatibility


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Leviton has several pulse collector devices which use pull up resistor to a DC voltage to detect a contact being in an open or closed state. This is a common way to provide remote capture of the usage counter from a metering device.

As we provide a wetting voltage, the "output" of a pulse device must be dry contact, and we assume the output provided is normally open. This can be described as a KY output meter. Typically compatible outputs from meters will be described as "relay", "reed switch", "solid state", "open collector" or "open drain".

KYZ pulse output meters are also compatible, as long as the meter is expected to count energy usage. Certain pulse input products have the ability to configure the input for KYZ devices, which will increment count on transition from open to closed, and closed to open.
The rest of our pulse counting devices will only count in transition from open to closed. As such, you may need to apply a multiplier of 2 in additional to the standard multiplier from the pulse meter to convert the raw pulse count to the engineering unit consumption value.

The following information are the specifications of each of our pulse counting devices in one location to quickly determine which may be compatible with a third party pulse output submetering device.

ProductDC Wetting VoltageMax frequency @ 50% duty cycle (Hertz)Min pulse width based on max frequency (milliseconds)Max circuit impedance when closed (ohms)
A7810 onboard I/O3.310*, 50, 10050, 10, 5100-2500
A8812 onboard I/O51050100-5000
A89113.310*, 50, 10050, 10, 5100-2500
R91203.310*, 50, 100, 25050, 10, 5, 2100-2500

* Default configuration from factory

Regardless of the wetting voltage, all of our devices are limited to sourcing 5mA.

It is always best to confirm with the manufacturer of a 3rd party meter whether it is indeed compatible with the specifications stated in this article.
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