How do I read the energy count on my 70D03 and 71D03


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The energy counter on this meter's LCD will scale according to how much energy has been registered to maximize the screen's capabilities.

As such, over time, it will adjust the decimal place and multiplier factor. Below are tables to help with converting the displayed value to different scaling units.

LCD Resolution:
Individual Channels
0-99.9Wh= 0.1WhThe LCD shows Wh readings with a decimal up to 99.9 Wh
100Wh-9999Wh=1WhThe LCD drops the decimal after 100 Wh
10kWh-99.9kWh=0.1kWhThe LCD doesn’t switch to kWh readings until the meter accumulates 10 kWh
100kWh-9999=1kWhThe LCD drops the decimal after 100 kWh
10.0MWh-99.9MWh = 0.1MWhAt 10 MW the LCD scale switches to MWh with a decimal point value
100MWh-9999MWh=1MWhAt 100 MW the LCD scale shows MWh with no decimal point value

System kWh resolution
1000kWh-9999.9kWh = 0.1kWh
10000kWh-999999kWh =1kWh