EMHXD Total Number of Devices


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The following list are generally recommended limits for how many devices should be associated to a single Leviton EMHXD logger.

  • 31 total hardwired devices per RS485 port (62 total)
  • 200 total devices per EMHXD (assumes ~100 datapoints per device)
  • 1,024 datapoints maximum per device
  • 20,000 datapoints maximum per system (200 x 100)
  • 300 simultaneous incoming Modbus/TCP connections maximum

Additional factors that should be considered which may adjust the recommendations are the following:
  • Logging rate
  • Acceptable latency for the last device's data to be captured
  • Baud rate
  • Device response times
  • # of separate Modbus register block(s) needed
  • Frequency of communication errors
  • Months/Years of offline data storage capacity
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