Sharing devices associated with an A7810, A8810, A8812 to a BACnet/IP network

This article may be helpful for the following reasons:
  • Wanting to share devices and datapoints on the Device List of the EMH via BACnet/IP
  • Having difficulty seeing/detecting the instance ID#s and subsequent objects from the EMH

These are the list of items we recommend checking/setting in the web interface of the EMH given the above scenarios.
  1. BACnet > Gateway
    1. Meters shared via BACnet is set to All
    2. All items below are showing green check mark status
    3. Check BACnet base ID# setting on that page, and note this number (this is the base object instance number)
  2. BACnet > Setup
    1. Confirm BACnet port matches that of the other devices
    2. Adjust virtual network number if needed
    3. Set BBMD mode and distribution accordingly; typically needed when IP of EMH is not on the same subnet as the BACnet system
  3. BACnet > Discover
    • Scan Device ID# between the base object instance number and the base+250 . Devices on the Devices > Device List should appear on the screen, indicating what BACnet instance numbers they are located on.
      • On any of those line items, click the "objects" link for object datapoint listing with the associated analog input #’s. These can be listed as a BACnet EPICS template if desired by clicking the appropriate button.


EMH connected devices list

Example of live readings from device 5, electrical meter

BACnet configuration where base object ID# located under BACnet > Gateway (246000)

BACnet object ID#s of each device from the device list

Example EPICS statement showing the points list for BACnet object #246005
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