A7810/A8810/A8812/A8814 BACnet IP logging support

The 3rd generation DAS products have the ability to auto detect available datapoints and log them via BACnet IP. Your logger must be running the latest firmware v02.21.0309 or later.

Object types we support are:
Analog Input/Value/Output (AI/AV/AO)​
Binary Input/Value/Output (BI/BV/BO)​
Multi-State Input/Value (MSI/MSV/MSO)​

The BACnet supported BBIBs for logging are DS-RPM-A with fallback to DS-RP-A. Segmentation is not supported.

After configuration of the BACnet settings on the DAS to allow it to be on the same BACnet network, there are two main ways to add devices to it.
  1. Use auto discovery (BACnet > Discover) to detect available devices, and autodetect+import available datapoints
  2. Manually adding a device by object ID instance # from Devices > Device List > Add, then autodetect+import available datapoints
A BACnet datapoint mapping template file is created when autodetecting available datapoints.

This may overwhelm you with datapoint options. You may wish to edit the template and delete any unneeded datapoints.

If you know you only want a few datapoints and the device has many extra ones you don't want, it may be faster to manually map a BACnet device’s objects using the template editor (Devices > Templates). Then manually add the device by object ID instance # but select the template file you’ve created rather than our automatic detection options.
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