Concerns regarding ethernet port in GM Panel

Elisa Cresto

New member
End user raised some concern over the "open-ness" of the ethernet port utilized in our GreenMAX relay panel, as the project is on a military base.
Customer wants to know "how the ethernet port is used", and if there "is anything you have that shows this port if merely used for connection to bacNET IP, or can it be accessed in another method"?

We offered the Secure RJ Port Blockers as a potential solution - would that work for making this network inaccessible to any outside attempts / safe?
The only protocol compatible with GreenMAX panels using the Ethernet ports is BACnet/IP.

As for physical port-blockers, according to their product page, "Leviton's patent-pending Secure RJ solution provides the physical layer security for critical network ports. Once connected, plugs can only be disengaged with the color-matching extraction tool." However, the data sheet specifies that, "secure RJ cords and port blockers are not intended to prevent malicious removal."