Wireless DRC 1-button room controller DRKDN-U1W dimming feature

Aaron Lang

New member
Can wireless DRC 1-button room controller DRKDN-U1W can be programmed for dimming? I've seen "press and hold" dimming in other LEV products. Can this product do that? This document seems to indicate such:

As a follow-on, if this feature is present, when a Intellect (ZLDNK) or Lumina RF (DLDNK) is acting in n-way switching capacity, is that feature still accessible from there?
Good morning Aaron. The button can be programmed for any one of the functions listed in the features list. For example, it could be programmed as a raise, or a lower, or a scene, or a group toggle, or a room toggle. The functionality of the switch being simultaneously a room toggle and a push-and-hold raise/lower is not currently supported. This feature is in our roadmap.