What's the QR code for on Leviton's devices?


Staff member
All of our wireless devices, including fixtures, are provided with QR codes which can be used to support the commissioning process. The advantage of using a QR code for commissioning is that it gives you positive identification of not only the specific device but also the location of each fixture. This makes commissioning a breeze!

To use them, first create the "room" in the DRC app. Then, go to the devices page, and click the + button to add a new device. At that point, you will be invited to scan the QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, the app will take you through the naming and grouping assignments which will complete the provisioning process for that device.

There are three QR code's with each Leviton product, the first is permanently affixed to the wireless module itself, two additional are provided for field-use. During pre-site visits it’s helpful to discuss their use with the contractor and either have them affixed to the building plans on top of the fixture they represent, or, at a minimum on a notepad with the room name for each identified.

What if you don't have the QR codes? Other methods of provisioning a fixture are also available. For example, on our newest Intellect modules, you can discover them over bluetooth! This process requires you to:
  1. Go stand under (or near) the fixture
  2. Using the DRC app, locate nearby devices
  3. Use the identify button to "blink" the fixture. Once you have positive identification of the fixture,
  4. Name it
  5. Group it
  6. Complete room assignment!

Alternatively, our newest intellect fixtures