Single room application with lighting and plug load.

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I have a project with both lighting and controlled receptacles in the same room. The sensors are setup as vacancy sensors meaning the room is in manual on and user must push a button to turn on the lights. The receptacles are off even though the room is still occupied. How do I fix this?

Products installed in the room are: DRKDN-U4W ,ZSC04-INW, LU107-DNW lighting, LU20S plug load.
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Great question! The solution is to have two "Occupancy Zones" per room where the first zone is the Lighting zone and the second zone is the Receptacle Zone. The sensor will be a member of both zones, both the Lighting zone will only have the lighting loads and the receptacle zone will only have the receptacle. The lighting zone will get configured as manual on / auto-off. Conversely, the receptacle zone will be configured as auto-on/auto-off. The timeouts of the receptacle zone should be set such that the total time of primary+secondary timeout = the primary+seondary of the lighting zone, however, the primary level should remain at 100%.

This configuration will ensure that the receptacles are energized anytime the room is occupied, and, control of the lighting does not impact the receptacles.

As always, ensure the button station is setup to control only the lighting by creating a lighting group and ensuring the receptacle is not part of it. the buttons then can be programed for Group On, Group Raise, Group Lower, and Group off.
Can the DRKDN-U4W be programed to return to full light on? The requested sequence of operation is. ZSC04-INW set with 10 minute time delay , after no presence is detected the lights dim to 50% for one minute. If the occupant moves within the space during the one minute partial off, the sensor will trigger the lights to the normal pre-set level ?
The way it should work is that if the user moves within the space during the partial off or during the re-trigger period, the lights return to the "occupied" level. As a reminder, occupied level can be set to a fixed level, the last level, or to execute a scene.

There is a bug in 1.76 firmware where this is not occurring. We are currently in the process of correcting this issue. Please expect that it will be fixed in 1.77 or higher firmware.
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