400CP to 2408 CD Panel


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At our church we have a LumaNet 400CP control panel wired to a 2408 CD dimmer pack with 2 wires, with red and black in both. My question is, does that provide for all 4 buttons on the 400CP? I have looked at the instruction manuals for both but didn't follow how to program additional buttons. We have 5 banks of fluorescent fixtures. Button one turns on 3 of the 5 and I would like to program another one to turn on all 5. Can anyone provide assistance?
For programming the 400CP just need to put the station into Programming Mode and then Assign dimmer Channels for Each Zone. Most systems do not require any of the other steps.

Each of the zones of the 400CP must be programmed with the desired dimmer channel assignments.

Only the dimmer channels assigned will be affected by each zone’s increase and decrease buttons.

In order to easily identify dimmer channels while programming, the system should have all installed lamps or loads operational. If this is not possible, the 400CP to be programmed should be temporarily connected nearby to the dimmer units so that the control LEDs of the dimmers may be observed to verify channel selection.

  1. Make sure that the 400CP is in the program select mode as discussed. The BUSY LED should be flashing.
  2. Press the ZONE 2 increase button to select "dimmer assignment mode" and the BUSY LED will stop flashing.
  3. Press the INCREASE button representing desired ZONE to be programmed.
    1. At this point, all currently assigned dimmers will come on; and the dimmer selector will be on dimmer one.
  4. Use the buttons labeled UP and DOWN in diagram to increment or decrement the dimmer channel selector.
    1. Tap the button the required number of times to reach the dimmer channel to be assigned unless you are going to ADD or DELETE dimmer one from the zone programming.
  5. Use the ADD and DELETE buttons to add or delete dimmers from the ZONE.
    1. The lamps connected to this dimmer channel will come on full when the ADD button is pressed and turn off when DELETE button is pressed.
    2. Observe lamps or dimmer LEDs to verify correct channel(s) has been selected.
  6. Once all dimmers required have been turned on or off exit the “dimmer assignment mode“ by pressing UP and DOWN buttons at the same time. The BUSY LED will start flashing again when both buttons are then released.
  7. The next zone can be programmed by repeating steps 2 thru 6 above.

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