4-button Functionality for distributed SP GreenMAX system

Elisa Cresto

New member
Can we meet the requested functionality for GreenMAX 4-button stations?

These are part of a distributed smart pack system, with sapphires in the spaces as well.

"4-button wall station with custom engraving:
1. "ON" (press and hold for raise)
2. "Meeting"
3. "Presentation"
4. "OFF" (press and hold for lower)

I believe we can meet the pre-set functionality for buttons 2 and 3, but wasn't sure about the "hold for raise/lower" for buttons 1 and 4.

Please advise
With the DRC push buttons, could I do a 2-button with the 2 scenes called out on them and then a 4-button for on/off raise/lower? Multiple zones tied to those two button stations?
With DRC, you could - you would program the raise lower button as "last action raise/lower." It would be better in my opinion to put in a single 8 button instead of 2 switches but either will functionally work
So, overarching statement, Leviton does not have any button stations in either the DRC or GreenMAX (relay and smart pack types) worlds that can do ON/press hold to raise / OFF/press hold to lower. Is that correct?