Are LumaCAN 2 components still available?

LumaCAN 2 (LC2) GreenMAX relay panels were discontinued in 2013 in favor of a revised LumaCAN protocol called LumaCAN 3 (LC3). The LC3 products offer both improved network efficiency and an improved user experience. The two protocols however are incompatible with each other. You can not use LC3 components on an LC2 system and vis a vis.

Notwithstanding any inventory availability, all new GreenMAX Relay panel systems must be installed as LumaCAN 3 systems. That being said, there are many different approaches in allowing a LumaCAN 2 and LumaCAN 3 system to exist and function within the same building, or migrate to a singular platform. For specifics recommendations based on your needs, please reach out to your local Leviton representative whom will coordinate with our Design and Field Services teams to establish a unique plan for your situation.

For customers where unit device replacement is required, for example you have a defective 4 button switch, most LC2 components can be made available to facilitate a device replacement. Note that system components released after the conversion to LC3, for example the 8 button digital switch, can not be provided as LC2, it is only an LC3 device.
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