HDU Vertical Lines on startup

In some situations the HDU will get vertical lines or other screen anomaly during startup making the screen hard to read.

We have investigated this issue and determined that the root cause is to a specific unique sequence of events which can occur during Windows CE startup/boot. Windows CE is the OS used for the handheld application. The event does not occur 100% of the time and appears to be somewhat random in occurrence, however, we've observed that it most often occurs during initial boot and will not occur when waking up the handheld after it goes to sleep.

We are continuing to investigate options for resolution, however, at this point in time we do not have an estimated release date. Microsoft has ended support for Windows CE and this is making short term resolution difficult.

The work around, which will get you back up and running right away, is to let your handheld go to sleep, then, press the button to wake it back up. Once it wakes up, the vertical lines will be cleared and you can resume work. Note that the handheld goes to sleep much faster when it's running on batteries as opposed to when it's connected to the LumaCAN network.