Specification Cheat Sheet

Boiler plate performance specifications can be downloaded from leviton.com to drive the spec process. This article quickly walks you through some the specification decisions to be made.

Connectivity between Leviton devices and the server running the My Building software is required. Pick one:
Connectivity between GreenMAX DRC Room Controllers and the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Building network is required. The building network must be installed and operational at time of commissioning. The site IS/IT representatives shall provide the SSID and passphrase available to Leviton at time of commissioning and shall ensure sufficient coverage to all Room Controllers and/or related devices.

All networking components, including necessary Wi-Fi infrastructure, shall be provided by Leviton.

Hosting Option
My Building can either be hosted by Leviton or by the customer. If hosted by Leviton, internet connectivity is required. If hosted by the customer, a server and connectivity to the sever is required.
My Building software shall be hosted by Leviton at myBuilding.Leviton.com, on Leviton servers. Internet connectivity from the lighting control network is required and shall be provided by the site. Internet connectivity is required at time of commissioning

My Building software shall be installed at Customer's Premise

Computer provided by Leviton running Widows Sever. My Building shall be pre-installed and commissioned by Leviton Field Service.
Computer provided by Leviton running Linux. My Building shall be pre-installed and commissioned by Leviton Field Service.
Customer provided compatible hardware, physical or virtualized, by Customer IS/IT team. My Building software and setup instructions will be provided by Leviton. Unless Managed Services or Dev Op's service's are purchased, installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the customer.
Leviton shall provide dedicated 1-1 dev-op's support to customer, for up to 4 hours, to support customer in their installation of Leviton's My Building software. Remote access to be provided by customer and made available to Leviton at time of commissioning.
Managed Services - Leviton shall manage Customer's My Building infrastructure, remote access and all required permissions to be provided to Leviton by Customer. Leviton to Provide _____ (1 if not filled in) years of management fees in initial quote, subsequent years to be the responsibility of the Customer. First year starts at time of first commissioning on the project. Target OS to be as follows:

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Cloud Services
Google Cloud
Windows Server
Additional Features
The following features are optional and can be added to any project at any time.
Data Storage: Free Tier Only

Data Storage: Extended time data storage, ______ (1 if not filled in) purchased years as follows

Bukoo Package
MVP Package
Basic Package
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Room to Room Communication

Tenant Billing

Data Storage Options
Several different data storage tiers and extended time storage plans are available . Each plan has different roll up intervals for data as well as a different time period for which said data is available.

FreeBasicCode ComplianceBukoo
Granular Kwh14 days6 months6 months2 years
30min Roll-up15days - 1 monthn/a6m-1 year2-3years
60min Roll-upn/a6m-1 year1year-3 years3-4 years
Daily Roll-upn/a3 years-5 years4-5 years
Events severity 0-1365 days1 year5 years5 years
Events severity 2120 days1 year3 years5 years
Events severity 390 days1 year3 years4 years
Events severity 4-560 days3 months1 year2 years
Events severity 660 days3 months6 months1 year
Events severity 77 days3 months3 months1 year

  • "Granular Kwh" detail covers data and the smallest interval for which the hardware reports. Most hardware, this is set at 15 minute increments however at times it could be 5 minute or even 1 minute increments.
  • The term "Kwh" as used above directly means all stored Kilo-watt Usage/Hour consumption data, but, by association includes all other data reported from any meter
  • Events are logged with a severity rating which relates to the significance of the event. For example, debug style messages are at severity 7 where as online/offline device messages are in the higher levels of severity
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