Nearly exhaustive feature list

This post documents the nearly exhaustive feature list of the My Building software package. Links to detailed articles are provided where they are available. If you see something missing or would love to see a new feature please leave a comment!

Table of Contents​

Paid vs. Free Features
User Interface
Energy Manager
Plan View


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[id=paidvsfree]Paid vs. Free Features[/id]​

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User Interface​

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  • Login Methods
    • User name / Password
    • Microsoft SSO
    • Google SSO
  • Password length is configurable on self-hosted versions, at and default requirements are
    • 8-12 chars, at least 1 uppercase, lowercase, number and special char [@$!%*#?&] each
  • Communication between Room Controller and My Building
    • Secured via TLS certificates using AES encryption (mqtts)
    • Factory loaded cert for communication to
      • Fee based option for custom cert
    • Unique Project based cert when self-hosted
  • Communication between web client and myBuilding
    • Secured via TLS certificates using AES encryption (https)
    • Leviton cert when talking to
    • Customer installed cert when self hosted


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