Creating a project license

A project license determines the features that are available to a project. There are many features which are available for no additional charge and do not require the specific creation or modification of a license, however, others, like BACNet, require specific license.

Users that can create licenses are those that have been assigned to the license manager role. Roles are assigned by the Platform/Server admin’s. If you need that privilege and it has not been previously assigned, please reach out to your manager, or, myself (David Buerer) and I will help you get that privilege assigned.

Step-by-step instructions are written out bellow, additional commentary and steps are in the attached video.

Creating a License​

  1. The first step in license creation is to review the project Bill of Materials and you know what the customer has purchased. This will identify which features should be included in their license
  2. Navigate to and login with your account. For purposes of this training, i will be logging in as the user licenseManager@greenmaxDRC.com1707431208357.png
  3. Once logged, navigate to the Manage menu and click "Project License Management"1707431217065.png
  4. At this point, we are creating a new project license, so, select “New Project License”1707431225568.png
  5. Enter the project name and other relevant information.
    1. It’s recommended that you include the project number in the description field as well as any other descriptive information you think relevant
    2. Latitude, longitude, etc. can be entered if you know it, or, can be updated by field service when commissioning.1707431233041.png
  6. Click "Continue". Enter the features that were purchased. Note that based on whether it’s Leviton Hosted (at, or, Customer Hosted (at Customers location on Customer’s provided hardware), the options are slightly different.. For this project, it’s Leviton hosted with the purchase Room 2 Room and Plan Control features1707431255223.png
  7. Select the Continue button then enter the details of the Field Tech that will be commissioning the job site1707431262958.png
  8. When complete, select “Generate.” You will be asked to confirm information is complete, then, the project file will be created with license file generated. Both will be distributed to the field tech.1707431268418.png1707431272460.png

Updating the License​

What if the field tech changes, or, you need to make other changes to the license? This is very simple to achieve!
  1. Click the search box and enter the name of the project1707431316234.png
  2. Select the Ellipses and select “Update License”1707431329651.png
  3. Enter the name of the new field tech, then, select Update License
  4. Credentials will be updated and distributed to the new field technician.
Additional steps and details can be found in the attached video.
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