kWh and kW datapoint selection


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Various submeter manufacturers utilize different conventions when referring to energy consumption, generation, and power (demand). The following table is to provide a reference of the same datapoint types across our diverse line of metering products.

Series 3500Series 4000Series 4100Series 6000Series 7000/7100Series 7200/7300Series 8000
Energy delivered from the utility to be consumed by a loadkWh from gridReal Energy ConsumptionReal Energy Quadrants 1 & 4, ImportTotal Positive active Energy : Ea+Imported Energy Sum(see note) ***Energy Delivered
Energy being generated on site and received by other loads, and potentially back to the utility(N/A) *(N/A) *Real Energy Quadrants 2 & 3, ExportTotal Negative active Energy : Ea-Exported Energy Sum(See note) ***Energy Received
Present DemandPresent Demand **Total Real Power Present DemandTotal Real Power Present Demand(Refer to Series 6000 Modbus Map for more info.)Power Demand This Interval
Watt Demand Element
Element Demand NowPresent Demand

CT orientation and phasing to the voltage must be correct for the meter to register usage accurately. Otherwise energy counters may accumulate in the opposite direction expected.

* Not applicable - product is a uni-directional measurement device
** Datapoint is only available when used with or communicated through a Leviton Energy Monitoring Hub. Please reach out to technical support for more information.
*** Due to the flexibility of maximizing meter inputs to this meter, there aren't separate datapoints. Imported Energy - Exported Energy = Element Net Sum .
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