How to set GreenMax Closed Loop Photocell Target Level

Eric B.

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1. From the HDU Home screen - go to "Configure"
2. From System Tools, go to the "Areas" button and select.
3. In the "Areas" screen, select the area where the closed loop photocell is programmed.
4. In "Area Details" Select "PC" for photocell.
5. In "Assigned Photocells" Select the Closed Loop Photocell.
6. Set closed loop target level to the return voltage with limited sun light. So for example, 4.5 volt return is 45%
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It seems there might be a bit of confusion in your question. "Open Loop Photocell" isn't a standard term in the context of photocells or sensors. Photocells are typically classified as either open-loop or closed-loop systems, but these terms are more commonly associated with control systems in engineering.

In control systems, an open-loop system doesn't have feedback, meaning it doesn't adjust its output based on the actual results of its actions. A closed-loop system, on the other hand, uses feedback to modify its output, making it more responsive to changes.

If you're referring to a specific technology or device labeled as an "Open Loop Photocell," it would be necessary to understand the context or specific characteristics of that device to make a meaningful comparison. It's possible that there's a specific product or technology using that term, and without more information, it's challenging to provide a detailed comparison.

If you could provide additional details or clarification, I'd be happy to help further!