How to add a user level pin / password


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User-level Pin is assigned on a page basis. this allows the administrator to grant access to pages with different levels of control. If desired the same Pin can be used for every page.

From the home page enter the Page Settings Mode.

  1. On the bottom center of the screen, press on the Date and Time until the Sapphire Settings screen appears.
  2. Sign in to the settings page
    1. Username: administrator
    2. Password: 1234
  3. Scroll down to Page Settings
    1. Select page settings
  4. on the Enter, Pin page, follow the screen prompts
    1. Action: Set or Remove the Password
    2. Page: Select the page name of the page you want to protect.
    3. Pin: Assign a numerical pin to that page.
    4. Press Ok
  5. Repeat for each one of the pages you wish to lock out.
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