EM with GreenMAX

Elisa Cresto

New member
There are 2 ways to do EM with GreenMAX:

  • Return to Close (RTC) upon loss of power
  • Programmatically force levels when the EM input is triggered.

Return To Close (RTC) Upon Loss Of Power

  • Only applicable for power loss situations
  • Triggers when the GreenMAX brain loses power
  • Only works for -1CB and -2CB
    • -1DS requires an ECS00 to provide functionality in power loss situations
  • This may no longer be to code as bypass is required to activate upon loss of the normal circuit in that area
    • ECS00 may be required
    • Product Management (PdM) to make this call as they are more familiar with the codes, so continue to do as you’ve been taught for this situation until PdM directs otherwise

Programmatically Force Levels When The EM Input Is Triggered

  • Used for power loss, fire alarm trigger, any other instance where the facility may want to invoke emergency lighting
  • Requires emergency power applied to GreenMAX brain
  • Requires programming each relay how to respond to the EM input
    • Works for -1CB, -2CB, and -1DS
  • Requires and outside device providing a dry contact closure to the GreenMAX EM input
    • Phase Loss cabinet, fire control system, BAS/BMS, etc
Using the DRD07 for EM is the best of both worlds. It can be wired to provide lighting when normal power is lost (essentially RTC - an Apps detail is included in all drawing sets for that), and if it is used in conjunction with a GreenMAX panel or with a DRC RC and a separate DRID0 for the EM input, can provide the fire alarm/external trigger EM state.