Pillow Speaker Control with DRC

Elisa Cresto

New member
Customer is saying that a layout received from Leviton (I believe by a TSS or RSM), had DRC AI inputs placed in patient rooms to provide a contact closure input for the pillow speaker control.
I know this is possible with our GreenMAX system, operating as a dry contact closure, but am not sure if this can be done with DRC.
If possible, is it (1) AI input device per room that requires pillow speaker control?
In the application where you have a pillow switch interface, you should be receiving one or more contact closure from the pillow switch. You will need one AI input for each contact closure. As a reminder, the DRID0-C02 AI interface has 2 input per interface so you may need more than one interface to meet the requirements.

The AI can support momentary or maintained switches and you can assign anything to the input that you can assign to the button. Most common functions used with a pillow switch are:
  • Room or Group On
  • Room or Group Off
  • Room or Group On/Off Toggle
  • Room or Group Raise
  • Room or Group Lower
  • Recall Scene