Edit Mode -Sapphire Touch Screen

"Edit mode" is a great feature that allows any user, without using the pull out, to change the functionality of their scene buttons. To access edit mode you require access to the administration areas of the Sapphire so if you don't have that information available please get it from your building owners.

To edit a preset from the Sapphire itself, please follow the below procedure:
  1. Access your admin menu by touching and holding the clock until you are asked for the username and password
  2. From the admin menu, select "Edit Mode" - note that Gen 1 Sapphire is shown in the screen shot below, Gen 2 is similar but looks a little different
    1. 1694783255454.png
  3. Select the Scene you want to edit. Note that only scenes that are "Orange" can be edited. The decision that the other scenes should not be editable was made by your field technician at time of programming
    1. 1694783401263.png
  4. There will be one slider for each Channel or Group in the scene. Adjust them until the levels are as you desire
    1. 1694783417917.png
  5. Hit the Save button
    1. 1694783428840.png
Your scene will now be updated!