DALI 2 Compliant

The DRCDD LumaCAN<->DALI gateway is used to move data between LumaCAN and DALI networks. It's often used when needing to control DALI lighting fixture within a Leviton GreenMAX DRC system. At the time of this writing, the interface is not certified by the DALI AG organization, however, it can be used to control DALI loads. Most of the time the loads you are controlling are light fixtures.

When our customers ask about DALI 2, most of the time they are really asking if we can control color tuning/aka color temperature control from our control system, or, color changing (ex: RGB). Both are absolutely possible. Some customers refer to this as device type 8 (aka DT8) control. When controlling these fixtures, you assign one or more other LumaCAN channels to the color attributes so they can be controlled across the network. From that point, you can enroll the color channels into your DRC room controller and include them in scenes, group control, and the like.