Password and factory resets

This article discusses admin login password reset and factory reset options from the LCD and push buttons on the A7810, A8810, and A8812 Leviton Energy Monitoring Hub dataloggers.
This covers:
  • Password default configuration
  • Password reset instructions
  • Factory reset instructions

Password default configuration
Prior to 2020, the default login username is admin, and the typical default password from our factories were 'admin' or 'leviton'.
As of 2020, we no longer ship the device with a factory set password to comply with California Law SB-327. On our product, a user must set the password on first login to the device.

When sold or managed by a third party, they may have been set with their default settings.

Password Reset Instructions
You will only be able to locate this setting in the menu if the device is running v02.20.0122 firmware or greater. The version of the firmware appears on the LCD as one of the messages after the reboot.
The ability must have also been enabled in configuration.

Begin these steps on the home screen. Locate the Menu and Select buttons on the product.
To ensure you're on the home screen, click the Menu button until you see the option "(previous menu)", then press the Select button. If you still see at the top bar some text between brackets eg. "[Main Menu]" after performing this, repeat these steps until you don't see this.

1. Simultaneously press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the [Advanced Menu] appears.
2. Press the Menu button until the “Reset password” option appears.
-- [Did you reach “(previous menu)” first? If so, the feature is disabled or not available. Stop.]
3. Press the select button.
4. Display reads “Reset Admin password” and then “Confirm Reset? Menu=N Select=Y”.
5. Prepare your phone camera or some method to jot down the secure password.
6. Press the select button for yes.
7. Use temporary password to access the unit.
8. Navigate to Security > Admin to “Change Password”.

If password reset was not available, the last resort method to log into the device will be to factory reset the logger.
You will lose all configuration settings and any logged data not offloaded by the device.

Factory Reset Instructions
Start on step 2 if you followed the password reset instructions above and stopped with “(previous menu)” displayed.

1. Access the [Advanced Menu] (see password reset instructions above for help with this)
2. Press the Menu button until "Erase log/config" option appears.
3. Press the Select button.
4. Display reads "This will erase all settings!" and then "Clear Disk? Menu=N Select=Y".
5. Press the Select button for yes. You may not see the LCD screen indicate anything for a minute.
6. Display will eventually read "Reboot required Press "select"". Do So.
8. Display reads "Reboot requested Please wait..." then "Rebooting Please wait..."
9. After reboot the unit will be accessible with the default password or be prompted to set a new password. Note that the IP address may have changed.
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