Meter configuration tools, templates, and firmware download

Configuration of the Leviton Energy Monitoring Hub datalogger is commonly best done after all meters and devices are configured. This page centralizes the download files for all devices.
This page currently under construction. Please contact support if the items you need are not listed below.

Product Model/SeriesFirmwareConfiguration SoftwareTemplatesData Map
Series 6000-Easy Config System v2.1.1.0Basic | AdvancedModbus
Series 7000/7100 (3, 12, 24, 48 CT inputs)v2.61Power Meter Viewer v2.16kWh/kW Only | LimitedModbus+BACnet
Series 7200/7300 (48 CT inputs)v3.00Power Meter Viewer Virtual Element v3.2 *CommonModbus
Series 8000v2.08S8000 Config Tool v1.7.0.1255Utilize built-in driver
EMHXD previous releasev04.22.0526N/A **N/A
EMHXD current release
[Version, Filesize, Checksum]
[release notes]
LatestN/A **N/A
EMHXD beta-N/A **N/A
EMH A7810, A8810, A8812, A8814 RELEASEv02.21.0309N/A **N/A
EMH A7810, A8810, A8812, A8814 Betav02.23.0123N/A **N/A

* Requires LabView as a prerequisite. Install the Series 7000/7100 configuration software "Power Meter Viewer" tool to avoid having to separately download and install LabView.
** Device has a web interface. Use your web browser of choice on your PC.
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