Hosting Options

The My Building product supports a variety of hosting options which exist in order to allow the most flexibility in order to meet the specific needs of our customers and their environments. This means however that decisions need to be made often a time of quoting as both provided equipment and ECO process can be impacted. This article will offers guidelines and discussions on the various options.

Quick Options & Guided Process​

If you just need to make a quick decision about what to do, there are two basic options which are simple can will get you going quickly. Other supports options are discussed below. With both options, it is required the the room controllers, DAS, and any other hardware is connected to a network within the building. This network can be setup and created by Leviton or by the customer.
  1. Leviton Hosting - This is the simplest option as Leviton takes responsibility for hosting, maintaining, and updating the software for your project. The My Building product will be hosted by Leviton at and the Leviton equipment will communicate to it over the internet. In this solution there is a free tier which provides basic connected and also a paid tier which offers longer term data storage and features like plan view navigation. When selecting this option, the only jobsite requirement is that the network the Room Controllers & DAS are on has internet access.
  2. Customer Hosting on Leviton provided hardware - With this approach, the My Building package is hosted at the customer's location and can be fully disconnected from both the internet on Leviton servers. Note that there is some benefit by this hardware having internet connectivity but it is not required. Leviton will provide the hardware to hosting the product, get it setup and configured, connect all the endpoint devices to it, and provide training to the end user. Once training is complete, the customer sill take over all administration, maintenance, and the like. Of course our Tech Support team is always here and available when needed. They can be reached at The requirements

Other Hosting Options​

When reviewing some of the other hosing options, you may find it helpful to review the discussion about system architecture in a related thread. This sections presumes that you are familiar with it.

As the My Building software package is micro-services containerized architecture, there is a lot of flexibility with respect to how the solution is hosted. Ultimately, any of the below possible:
  • Hosting by Leviton - everything connects to a Leviton server in the cloud
  • Job site hardware provided by Leviton or customer
  • Windows Desktop OS
  • Windows Server OS
  • Linux OS
  • Installed on MAC/Apple OS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Cloud / Azure
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Virtualized Environment
  • Multiple smaller computers
  • Fewer larger computers
Not only are there many options above, but, as system needs changed, the architecture can shift over time as well.

Job site hardware provided by Leviton​

With this option, Leviton provides hardware to the jobsite to run the product. The provided hardware will be either a Windows Desktop or Windows Sever OS. In this arrangement, the process and expectations are as follows:
  1. Leviton quotes and ships hardware to the jobsite
  2. Hardware is installed by the contractor with the lighting control equipment
  3. Contractor requests commissioning
  4. Leviton commissions the lighting control system including the My Building product
  5. Leviton trains contractor and customer representative
  6. System is handed over to customer
  7. Customer maintains system going forward

Job site hardware provided by Customer​

With this option, our Customer provides hardware which will host the My Building solution. The provided hardware can be any of the supported types. Customer will take responsibility for installing the solution and bring it to a working state and ensure it's on the lighting control network. Once that is complete, our Field Service personnel will work to connect the on-site equipment to the new server, provide training, and hand it over to the customer. In this arrangement, the process and expectations are as follows:
  1. Leviton quotes and ships a software license only to the contractor as well as additional field service trip to commission customer provided hardware
  2. Contractor installs lighting control hardware
  3. Customer procures hardware and installs the My Building package as is appropriate
  4. Customer/Contractor requests My Building commissioning trip
  5. Leviton visits the site and connects the local hardware to the new server
  6. Leviton trains contractor and customer representative
  7. System is handed over to customer
  8. Customer maintains system going forward

What customer hardware is supported?​

We can run in a variety of environments and a variety of platforms. How it's setup and configured is very flexible as effectively each microservice just points to another service. Please refer to our system architecture article for additional details on this topic.
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