Cradlepoint cell modem configuration

This article will assist you with general steps to setting up your Cradlepoint cell modem for your Leviton meters application. This assists you with:
  • Configuring the modem to enable internet connectivity though your cellular internet provider
  • If you have a Cradlepoint NetCloud account, registering the modem to it for remote cloud management capability
Before starting with configuration of the modem, please be prepared with one or two SIM cards, activated with your cell internet provider with an appropriate data plan. The size of the SIM required will vary depending on the modem model. Some cell carriers require you provide them with the cell modem IMEI number and possibly serial number to enable service. Refer to the IMEI number and serial number on the sticker located on the back of the Cradlepoint modem, or if you have purchased one of our UL508A panel solutions, depending on the modem there may be stickers we have provided as a courtesy.

Configuring the Modem for Cellular Internet Connectivity

Follow the instructions provided from Cradlepoint on installation of the SIM cards.

Once installed and powered, you will want to log into the modem to configure it for the cell service on the provided SIM card(s).

Use a PC to log into the modem via WIFI or from the LAN port. There may be a network switch provided in our UL508A panel solution that you may use as well. Use a browser application to open the web interface of the modem. The typical default address to go to is:
Your browser may indicate a security issue. This is normal unless the modem is configured with a signed, valid SSL certificate. By default it is not; as such, you are often safe to proceed.

Use username 'admin', and the password for the modem which is the serial number by default.

Upon successful first login, you will land on the page which will help indicate the modem's NetCloud Manager status.


If your modem hasn't yet been configured/registered with your Net Cloud Manager account, you'll want to ignore this and proceed to setting up the modem's Internet connectivity.

To do that, typically you'll want to select WAN connect as "Wireless (Cellular)", then click "Configure Wireless".

This will bring you to the WAN device interface page. If you need to configure the APN for your cell service, then highlight the SIM card input, then click the Edit button above.


In the pop up configuration window, select from the left side menu "SIM/APN/Auth".
Locate the Access Point Name (APN) section, and select default override. Enter the APN as provided from your cell service provider. You may be able to locate the generic APNs from an internet search, and those may work if you are using their standard cell service plans as a consumer cell phone would use.


After saving, or assuming you do not need to configure the APN manually, you should see the cell status bars in the upper right corner of the screen showing green and not red signal bars. This confirms appropriate registration to the cell network, and signal strength.

With this, it is now best to check internet connectivity. Ensure you have turned off any other connections your PC may be using to access the internet. Then, open a tab on your browser and try to access a website, like .

NetCloud Manager Registration

With internet connectivity working on the modem, register the modem with your account under System > NetCloud. This must be configured using your PC connected to the modem locally.

Unregister the router if it is currently registered to a different account.
Then Register Router, and use your NetCloud username and password.

Wait a few moments for it to step through the process of connecting. You should eventually see the following:


Once you see this screen, log in to your NetCloud Manager account directly from NetCloud by Cradlepoint at . Confirm the modem appears in your Devices page. The name will typically be the modem model, a dash, then the last three characters of the MAC address (eg. IBR600C-0b8).

Additional Documentation
Cradlepoint has step-by-step assistance and extensive information regarding their solution available on their website here for reference.
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