Can GreenMAX DRC do high end trim?

That's a great question! High end trim is a feature that allows you to set a lower maximum light output of a lighting zone. This feature is often used when: 1. user or activity preference indicates a lower maximum light output is preferred, or, 2. an Energy Manager desire to permanently limit the maximum output of a lighting zone.

To set the high end trim, using the GreenMAX DRC app navigate to the device settings page for the room you want to set the high end trim on and expand the Load Profile accordion. From this section you can edit the high end trim and set it to anything you want. In the example shown at right, the high end trim was set to 90%. This means that user or system input for control between 0-100% will effect the light only between 0-90% output.

High-end trim is listed as "permanent" because the setting is fixed as a configuration change and is not adjustable by the space occupant.

If you are looking for a temporary limit to the maximum light output, using the demand response / load shed features can help you get there. These settings will temporarily reduce the target light level of one or more spaces.