ZS057-D0Z 3-way operation

Aaron Lang

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Datasheet for this product lists "3-way switching" as a feature. To be clear, does the product operate in a 3-way configuration with itself for 3-way dimming?
If you need two 0-10V wallbox dimmers, installed at different locations, controlling the same load, you will use a DL057-D0Z and ZS057-D0Z. Either one can be connected to the load and both of them can turn on/off or adjust the brightness of the load.
Thank you! Wondering too what '3-way switching' is intended to convey on datasheet.
It's industry terminology that as accepted means you can control a single load from 2 locations. In reality, we support "multi-way" dimming where you can controller one or more loads from many locations (4-way, 5-way, etc).

This article show you one way 3-way (or one could say multi-way dimming) can be achieved: https://www.leviton.com/en/docs/Solution_Sheet_-Lumina_RF_Standalone_and_Approved_Zigbee-_3-Way.pdf. It uses a keypad at one location and a ZS057 at another location. Variations would be replacing the keypad with a DL057 if you prefer the same paddle/raise+lower bar at each location, or, adding multiple ZS057 (wall switch loads) or LU107 (power pack load control) to increase zone density. You also could add ZC015 sensors if you need occupancy detection and response, or daylight harvesting.
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