Using LumaCAN Firmware Updater

Please see below video which walks you through use of the Firmware Updater. General steps are as follows:

Preparing to use the Updater
  1. Download from the Leviton Field Service site the firmware updater, drivers, and associated firmware files
  2. Install the Kvasser Drivers
  3. Install Canlib
  4. Install Firmware Updater
  5. Reboot your computer
  6. Connect your USB<->CAN interface devicie (P/N SLM00-0) to your LumaCAN network and your computer
  7. Install the LumaCAN Updater & Start the application
Using the Updater
  1. Start the updater application
  2. Execute a Node Query
  3. View the node query results file which can be found in the same directory the LumaCAN Firmware Updater is installed
  4. Observe which devices needed to be updated
  5. Select the firmware file needed for the updates you wish to perform
  6. Select the device type matching the device you are preparing to update
  7. Select Auto or Manual update
    1. Auto will update update all devices of the selected type as discovered in the node query
    2. Manual update will only update the device address entered in the address field
  8. Select Unattended mode if needed - unattended mode will update all devices; if this box is not checked, you will be required to enter an acknowledgement before preceding to the next device in the update list
View attachment Using LumaCAN Firmware Updater_small.mp4