Network requirements for GreenMAX


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Working on a larger scale project and seeking some extra information regarding the following for GreenMAX BACnet/BMS integration

Physical switch requirements
Network requirements
Port allocations
Security protocols
External access from BCO group

Let me know if you need any further information. Thanks.
Hello, please see attached for the panel configuration steps.

For physical switch requirement: (Ethernet switch?). The panel auto-negotiates, but a managed switch is recommended.
Network requirements: Not sure to what requirements you are referring. The panel complies with standard Bacnet and Ethernet standards.
Port allocations; standard ports
Security protocols: These are up to the network management team. The panel is integrated into the network as any other BACnet TCP/IP device.
External access from BCO group: I don't know what 'BCO" is. But again, the panel(s) are integrated as part of the building network, and it is up to the network manager to manage the traffic and security of the network.


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