LumaGraphics Server

Leviton does not support virtualization of LumaGraphics . The product is only support on Leviton provided hardware running the Windows 10 operating system. LumaGraphics uses Microsoft Active X technology which is only supported on Internet Explorer and as of Windows 11 has been generally phased out. Further, the Active X controls communicate with a local BACnet service, also installed on the computer, which takes responsibility for communication between the browser and the local Ethernet network.

Some customers have been successful at capturing the image off of the provided computer and deploying in other environments. Although you are welcome to attempt this, Leviton can not offer any support or warranty should you go this route. Further, any changes made to the CPU0R which render it inoperable will not be covered under warranty.

With the launch of the My Building software suite in early 2024, Leviton will have alternate equivalent solutions available which will deploy well in a virtualized environment. The My Building software suite requires DRC product as the point of interface. Please reach out to your Leviton representative whom can help you make this transition if desired.