LumaCan Sensors and Analog Sensor Controlling the same relay or group


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Can an OSR15-MCW or any other LumaCAN sensor, in conjunction with an analog sensor connected to an AI input? Be assigned to control the same load?

If yes, what is the order of operations?
Does one take priority?
Does the first activated sensor turn the load ON, and the last sensor to time out turn the load OFF?
yes. they all operate at the same priority. the general logic is that when multiple sensors are assigned to an occupancy zone, any of the sensors can trigger occupancy but all must report vacancy in order to trigger vacancy/partial off.
A DRC application requires a ceiling mount occupancy sensor mounted at 25' above finished floor. Has the the OSR15-MCW been mounted at 25' mounting heights on previous applications. Astatically it fits the application well.
I'm not sure "astatic" is the correct word ;)

OSR15 is designed for 8-12' mounting heights . Performance outside of that range may vary. Recommend you use one of our low voltage mid/high bay sensors for this application feeding a DRID0.