Closed loop daylight harvesting in classrooms on GreenMAX Relay Cabinets


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Classroom application with 3 sets of DS relays. The classroom is split into three sections with the lighting: Front, Middle, and Back (Windows). There is a 4-button digital switch in the classroom that gives us ON/OFF plus DIMMING. How would a person set up closed loop daylight harvesting so that the back of the classroom (Windows) will dim with daylight harvesting but will not affect the front and middle relays?
To cover the basic scenario you explain.
Create the area and add the Photocell, Switch, Sensor, and Relays.
Assign all the relays to the switch and sensor. (Assuming you want the switch and sensor to control the window relays, if you only want the photocell to control these relays, do not add them to the switches and sensor.)
Assign the relays for the back (window) to the photocell. (Do not include the front and middle on the photocell)

Note: Remember that B10 requires a Photocell, sensor, and switch. If you do not have a sensor. You still need to assign an input as a sensor and jump the input so the system thinks it is always occupied.
This will work on B9 as well correct? The only difference between B9 and B10 is the occupancy sensor will not turn the lights on, it will just detect vacancy.