Renowned Disney Animator Recreates Lady Furina in Classic Style


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Renowned 2D animator John Pomeroy has recreated one of Genshin Impact's beloved characters, the Hydro Archon Furina, in a traditional animation style. Genshin Impact's cel-shaded graphics, which give the game an anime-like visual, often inspire fans to create their own artwork in various styles. Lady Furina, a central figure in the Fontaine arc, has been highly praised for her storyline and role in the Hydro nation's lore. She was introduced in Genshin Impact Version 4.2 alongside the popular Fontaine journalist and four-star Cryo catalyst user, Charlotte.

A Reddit user named Rinzel- shared an intriguing video on Genshin Impact's main subreddit, showcasing the famous 2D artist John Pomeroy recreating Furina in a classic art style. John Foster Pomeroy, an American animator, is well-known for his work with major studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios and Sullivan Bluth Studios. His most notable films include "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," "The Secret of NIMH," and "An American Tail," among others. Pomeroy currently works as a tutor on Bilibili, where the footage of his artwork was taken. The artist's rendition of Furina has been well-received by fans, garnering over 4.4k upvotes on the post.