DRC Analog connection with ODD24-IDW

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Can we share a single 2-port analog input (DRIDO-C02) with 2 ODD24-IDW low voltage wallbox sensors, with, one DRC07 room controller in two different adjoining rooms?
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Yes, however, you need to vet the application carefully. This is agreat solution when you want to use the occupancy sensor as the point of manual control and as a senor to the room with a DRC controller as the back-end. Where it get's a little complicated is what to do with the 0-10V wires. If you connect them to the load directly, they will act as a "maximum" setting for the 0-10V output and the DRC07 will go only from 0->setting on the ODD24.

If you don't connect the ODD24 0-10V wires at all, DRC will maintain control of the 0-10V loads but the raise/lower bar on the ODD24 will do nothing.

In both cases, the photocell in the ODD24 would not be used.