Blinking Red on GFI Breaker


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I know this is the wrong category, but the other categories are not allowing new posts. That is why I am posting here.
I have an issue with my 50 amp 2 pole GFI breakers. On my range circuit, when the breaker is installed, the red light blinks quickly. According to the spec sheet, this means the self test feature failed and the breaker is locked out. It does seem to be locked out, because I cannot toggle the on/off switch. However, I have now tried 8 different new breakers (ordered from Leviton online store and picked up at a local electrical supply house) and every one of the breakers has the blinking red light. I can put a 30 amp GFI breaker on the circuit and it works fine. A 50 amp regular breaker works as well.
I have tried (4) LB250-EP and (2) LB250-GF, as well an (2) LB240-EP. All 8 have the blinking red light immediately.
Do I have 8 DOA breakers or is something else wrong? The breaker will flash red on any circuit, which I also tried.
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