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Wiring Leviton LTB60-1LZ into existing 4 Gang Bathroom switch

Dave McManus Newbie

I am trying to install a LTB60-1LZ countdown timer into a 4 gang box.  The box is in a bathroom and near a GFCI outlet.  The switch I am replacing is a 2 wire, single speed motor control for a fan.  The old switch has two black wires (unmarked on the switch).  One black is attached to the incoming black lead (hot) and the other black lead looks to be the hot lead to the fan.  The new timer needs black, white, green (ground) and red (hot) to the fan. This is a single pole wiring application. There are bare copper grounds for each of the 4 switches separately grounded to the box. There is a bundle of white wires connected together in the box, but none to the existing switch. I connected all wires as per instructions, bundling the LTB60 white neutral into the existing group and attaching the green (ground) directly to the back metal box screw in addition to the existing copper wire already attached. After restoring power, all 3 lights worked but nothing on the LTB60 (no lights, no operation). Questions: 1. does the green (ground) on the LTB60 need to be connected directly to the bare copper ground with a connector?  2. What else could I check in this case? Thank you.