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Converting Fluorescent and Incandescent System to LED (Type 'I' DCI138240)

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I need help converting a fluorescent and incandescent dimming system to LED.  The existing system, although seems well done, only dims the incandescent fixtures.  The fluorescent and CFL fixtures are on/off and turn on/off once the dimming system provides the proper amount of voltage or lack there of to turn the system on or off.  My guess is that this is just a fancy line voltage dimming system with low voltage switch sending a signal back to the dimming panel in the A/V room and the panel varies the voltage to the fixtures.

I need to know what type of LED E26 base lamps I can use to relamp the incandescent cans to retain compatibility without flickering (forward or reverse phase).  Or if there is a minimum wattage on the system that I would need to keep the system from flickering?  Or if I can manipulate the system to not go below a certain dimming preset to avoid flickering?

There are some incandescent 2x2s that I plan on converting to LED by replacing the fixture outright.  I need to know what type of driver the new LED 2x2 will need to retain compatibility. 

Basically, I need some information and literature on these large dimming panels to see how I can convert over to LED.  I thought this would be the 2nd best way to get the information considering the Leviton technical support hotline takes 20 minutes only to be hung up on without speaking to anyone.