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Category 8?


Does Leviton offer a Cat 8 system? Whta is the benefit over Cat 6A?

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    Leviton does offer a full Cat 8 system including jacks and patch cords.


    The Leviton Atlas X-1 Cat 8 system uses RJ-45 connectivity and is backwards compatible with Cat 5e, 6, and 6A.



    About Category 8

    • Cat 8 is the next generation twisted-pair cabling required to support 25G and 40GBASE-T data rates

    • Intended for use in the data center, specifically for switch to server connections at the edge of the DC

    • Can be used with End-of-Row and Middle-of-Row architectures using structured cabling channels (jacks, cords, and LAN cable), or it can be used in Top-of-Rack architectures using Direct Attach Cables

    • Structured cabling links are limited to 2 connector 30 meter channels, unlike the traditional 4 connector 100 meter channel


    More information can be found at the Leviton website, here: https://www.leviton.com/en/products/commercial/network-solutions/copper-systems/atlasx1/cat-8-shielded-system