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Vision Z-Wave Relay issue (ZL7432US)



Motion Detector triggers Z-Wave relay that turns on Flood Lights and sends status to OmniPro II. (replacing old X-10 PR511 Flood Light functionality)


I have 3 Vision Z-Wave relays (Single Version ZL7431US) installed on my Z-Wave network and integrated with my OMNIPRO II (4B).

I have used the following code to enable responses from the ZL7431US when it is turned ON or OFF by the switch input.

>N7SE133,1,1,5       (7 is the device node ID and 5 is the VRCOP node ID)

The responses are as follows:

N007L000     (OFF)

N007L255     (ON)

The above responses are received by the OmniPro II and it update the status of this single relay when the ON/OFF state is changed. All works well.


The problem

I set up a Vision Z-Wave Dual Relay (ZL7432US) as above. It is included in the Z-Wave network and the OmniPro II. I can control it from both.

As above I turned on responses with the following code:

>N8SE133,1,1,5     (8 is the device node ID and 5 is the VRCOP node ID)

But I do not get switch (Z-Wave relay) state changes from the ZL7432US registered on the Omnipro II. 

As with the ZL7431US, I am monitoring the data on the Z-Wave network and the ZL7432US is sending out responses but in a different format.

<N007:096,013,001,001,037,003,000     (OFF)

<N007:096,013,001,001,037,003,255     (ON)

The OmniPro II does not respond to this status format..


I can program a Z-Wave STATUS inquiry in OmniPro II but this adds load to the OmniPro II and added traffic on the Z-Wave network that I would like to avoid.


I am hoping that someone more experience than I has another solution. Best solution would be to have a code setting for the ZL7432US that would cause it to send out a response in a format that the OmniPro II recognizes the ZL7431US format. As anyone working with Z-Wave many manufactures do not document there devices well.


Any help would be appreciated.


  • Re: Vision Z-Wave Relay issue (ZL7432US)

    Received an interesting reply from a site store owner that I purchased two Z-Wave enabled Flood Lights that I have to return due to this issue.

    He says that he called Leviton and was told that the OmniPro II and the VRCOP are not Z-Wave compliant and suggest that I scrap both systems and purchase something else.



    I did find a Z-Wave cert for the VRCOP but only for V1. Does not seem to cover the +3 version.


    I love my OmniPro. This is my third board in 19 years. Just upgraded to the latest OmniPro II board (4B) with 5 serial ports in late 2017.

    The HAI support through the years was first class.


    But, the decrease in functional updates and support after the sale of HAI to Leviton is disappointing.

    The lack of support for many Z-Wave products is just one indication that as OmniPro II owners, we are falling behind of the technology wave.