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Concrete Structured Media Enclosure Knockouts?


What are the size of the knockouts on the concrete-mountable SME?

Where do you install a power outlet?

  • Re: Concrete Structured Media Enclosure Knockouts?

    The top and bottom of the concrete mountable 48605-**E enclosure have the same knockouts. Each knockout has a smaller and larger opening, to accommodate multiple applications.


    2 large knockouts:

    1.734" diameter inner ring

    1.969" diameter outer ring


    10 small knockouts:

    1.125" diameter inner ring

    1.375" diameter outer ring


    The power outlet on this style of enclosure is designed to be mounted on the side of the box, and there is a knockout for that purpose. Leviton offers the 48605-2GP duplex receptacle power box to allow a clean looking installation of power.