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MDP and SJP fiber cable options for fiber trunks?


What's the difference between these options, and when would you select each?

  • Re: MDP and SJP fiber cable options for fiber trunks?

    MDP - For High Density Enterprise, Healthcare and Education Applications


    • Berk-Tek Patented (US Patent #7,609,926) Micro Data Center Plenum (MDP)
    • Enables high-density, backbone connectivity in existing or new networks
    • Industry’s Smallest OD Data Center fiber cable – up to 50% smaller compared to typical indoor/outdoor and premises-distribution cable
    • Fiber Counts From four to 288 optical fibers
    • Fiber Types: OS2, OM3, OM4 and OM4+


    Opt-X SJP - For Global Hyperscale and Global Colocation Data Centers Only

    • Each leg of a trunk is sub-jacketed (with aramid strands)
      • No secondary tubing (with aramid strands) required to build a trunk
      • Each subunit available with 8, 12 or 24 fibers
      • Subunits are 2mm O.D. – supports easy fiber routing
        and management in enclosures and panels
      • Supports Leviton Opt-X® Unity solution
        8- and 24-fiber in 40G and 100G networks
    • Plenum jacketed cable
    • Connector options
      • MTP to MTP with, 8-, 12-, and  24-fiber
      • Fiber counts from 12 to 288 fibers
    • Fiber types
      • OM4 and OS2 only