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Vizia timer VPT24-00W


HI people,

THought I would give this a shot here...

i just bought two leviton vizia VPT24-00W switches.


I would like to deter vandals on weekend nights, so I would like my lights to stay on longer on those particular nights. 


So on both switches, I have the following programmed.


Event 1 - M Tu W            Su

on - sundwn off - 12 am


Event 2 -              Th F Sa

on - sundwn off - 3 am


I have programmed these switches three times. On every Saturday, the lights turn off at midnight 12 am For some reason.

Every other day, the lights turn off as anticipated, including Thursday and Friday At 3 am.


IT seems like the timer is getting Saturday and Sunday confused. Maybe because it’s a new week?


Am I better off just programming each day separate?  Instead of doing blocks?