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40540 Cat 5e wiring?


How do I read the wiring label on the 40540 wallplate for the Cat 5e jack?

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    Looking at this label, there are (4) horizontal rows, and (4) vertical columns.  The (2) middle rows indicate T568B wiring. The top and bottom rows indicate T568A wiring.


    1) Select whether you will use T568A or T568B wiring

    2) Match the color of your wire to the terminal marked with the matching color label.


    For example, if you are wiring to T568A, ignore the two middle rows and use the color code on the top and bottom row.


    TOP ROW (left to right):

    brown, white/brown, green, white/green


    BOTTOM ROW (left to right)

    orange, white/orange, blue, white/blue


    To wire using T568B, you would ignore the top and bottom horizontal rows, and use the middle row color code.