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41920-HRC, Directly Connected to Display


I would like to use the Leviton Auto-Switching Wallplate without the suggested HDBaseT receiver.  The projector we are using has an HDBaseT port.  Can I connect the output from the Auto-Switching Wallplate directly to the projector?

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    The Leviton Auto-Switching Wallplate (41920-HRC) is designed to be powered by the Leviton 70m HDBaseT Receiver (41910-HTR) using Power over HDBaseT (PoH).  Projectors & display devices do not typically provide power via their HDBaseT ports. 


    The Leviton Auto-Switching Wallplate can still work in this application but a separate 12v, 1A, power supply will need to be obtained and connected to the Auto-Switching Wallplate using a phoenix connector.  Leviton does not sell a power supply like this so it would be obtained from a third party.