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Help deciding what parts I need


My house currently has one phone line terminated to a type 66 distribution block in a closet with at least one outlet in each room connect via Cat 5E cable. My internet is provided thru my cable. The cable TV is also distributed from the same closet.  There are 10 Cat 5E lines running to the various rooms of the house from the 66 distribution block.   I am interested relocating the cable modem and router to the closet where all of the lines are terminated and in converting some of the outlets to Ethernet while leaving some as operating land line phones (I know that land lines are a dying breed - but bear with me).  Running new lines in the attic is not really possible due to access issues.  It looks to me that Leviton offers solutions for this but I am having troubles determining the correct parts to accomplish what i want to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.