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VPT24-1PZ Astronomical Program not working




We've purchased a VPT24-1PZ timer to drive the exterior lights on our building.  A picture of the box is below.




The installation seems correct.  When pressing the toggle cover on the timer switch the lights turn on and off.


I went through the process to set the timer into pro mode and set it up for astronomical timing.  The process when correctly as per both the instruction sheet and a web video I found.  However the timer is not switch the lights on and off at sunset and sundown.  I set the switch during the day.  When I came out after dark, the lights were not on.  Below is a picture on the front of the switch is what I assume is operating mode.  Based on what I've read and seen, this is correct.  At the time indicated, I would assume the timer would be on.  It isn't.




Is there something I'm missing?  Does anyone need more pictures to diagnose the problem.


Any help appreciated.

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    allan hughz Newbie

    you do not have the device set for timing.  there should be a series of dark squares like the one this pictures shows when the device is set to off.  the single square in the ellipse of your photo indicates the current time. plus you do not have the icon in right upper corner of a sun (with an arrow down to indicate off or no arrow to indicate on).

    I have included abbreviated instructions for one event:

    Setting Leviton light timer.  Note Clock face symbol, upper left, to indicate on timer in use and Sun symbol, upper right, to indicate sun up (no arrow) or down (arrow under sun).


    RESET to start, must do after power outage:

    1. Hold SET then Override button together. (Override is large button at bottom that turns on & off manually).  Hold both buttons until dEL stops flashing and rSt flashes. Then press SET.

    Device will go through self-test until MOdE flashes.  Erases prior settings


    1. Use up button until PRO shows then hit SET button.  Go to Programing PRO below to continue after reset.


    PRO mode must be set to use the following options:


    Use menu to change PRG, CLK, RND, SUN at any time. Hit MENU to select option and SET for:

    PRG to program. If program already set will go to #1 event.

    CLK to set time, date, and DST (daylight savings auto) any time.

    RND to turn on “Random mode” for random on/off times, uses +/- minutes (1 to 20) to auto on/off time. 

    SUN chooses Lat “N” and Longitude “W”, and choses time Zone PAC:  Puyallup: 47 north, 122 West.


    Programing PRO mode after reset:

    Set date and time:

    1. 12 will flash, press up arrow until correct hour shows then hit SET.  Minutes will flash, hit up arrow until correct minute shows, hit SET. Chose A or P for AM or PM.


    1. Under DST, OFF shows.  Use up arrow to choose AUTO for automatic daylight savings time change, press SET.


    1. Year flashes, hit up arrow until to set year, hit SET.  01 flashes, hit arrow until correct month shows then hit SET.  01 flashes, hit arrow until correct day flashes, hit SET.


    1. Press MENU until PRG shows, hit SET.  Event 1 will flash.  Press SET to select this event (note there are 50 possible events).


    1. All days of the week will flash, hit SET.  PRG will flash, hit SET.   Choosing turn on time:  At Event - -:- - hit arrow to Sndn for sundown, hit SET.  Next 6:00P shows, press arrows to choose Turn off time until SnUP for sunup.


    1. Press Override to leave.