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Duraport cables and housings - outdoor use?


Can we use the Duraport solution in an area outdoors, near a beach, that will be open to weather/rain/sand, etc?

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    The Duraport solution is IP67 rated, and would be suitable for something like an outdoor mounted security camera, but not for something like a direct burial OSP application. From what is described it sounds like the Duraport may work, but we would need more info on the application.


    The Duraport housings have excellent weathering resistance and water resistant up to 60 deg C.


    The Duraport cables, while not suitable for something like a direct burial application, do offer the following:


    1. Pass UL 7-day 60C oil resistance test (UL62, level OR-01)
    2. Excellent UV and ozone resistance
    3. Brittleness well below 60C
    4. These cables have a temperature rating of 60 – 105°C dry, 60°C wet, 300 or 600 V, employing oil-resistant and sunlight-resistant jacket and suitable for use in wet locations.


    If the location is open to the public, then I would recommend a lockable cover something like Leviton 5997-DGY (http://www.leviton.com/en/products/electrical-wiring-devices/weatherproof-covers/flat-lid-weatherproof-covers) where you could install a Decora insert with jacks.  This particular one is NEMA 3R and is extra deep, so may be able to accept a patch cord bend radius and cover while in use if needed and it locks with a padlock (http://www.leviton.com/en/products/5997-dgy). However, this wouldn’t allow use of DuraPort and would potentially expose the jack to moisture because the bottom of the cover has slots for cord access. Again, it would depend on the application.