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Patch-cord Serial Number Recording?


I notice that all of the fiber patch-cords used in our installation have a serial number.  Do I need to document/record all of the serial numbers to comply with ANSI/TIA standards?

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    The documenting/recording of the product serial numbers on patch-cords is not a requirement in the ANSI/TIA-606-B standard.


    What is required?


    A short description of the standard is that there are Classes of link identification that allow unique identifiers down to the port level from a simple patch panel to jack link through a full Campus/Site ID.  These are achieved via alpha/numeric characters but ultimately derive from the base “termination point/port” base.  Each unique identifier can encompass all the required components of the channel in between each connector (patch cords, connectors, cable etc.)


    This includes:

    • Telecommunications Spaces (EF, ER, TR, TE)
    • Backbone Cables
    • Horizontal Cables
    • Patch panels/positions
    • Termination blocks/positions
    • Telecommunications outlets/connectors
    • Grounding system


    If the end user would like serial numbers documented that would typically be identified as an additional requirement in an RFP or Division 27 Specifications document provided during the bidding process.


    The serial numbers are provided by a manufacturer as a means to reference and trace a specific part back to its production date if a product issue were to arise.  As a serial number is specific only to that part, there will be several serial numbers pertinent to multiple parts in a channel (Patch cords, Jacks, Pre-terminated Trunks, Pigtails, cassettes etc).


    Documenting each serial number could be viewed as a protective or time saving exercise if a product issue occurred at a later date.  Although, when troubleshooting, one would physically look at the product and document the serial number at that time. So cataloging a serial number has no real bearing on documenting the physical infrastructure.